Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A little something from the heart.

So here we are, starting our third month in Chattanooga.  I have to say, I love everything about it.  I don’t miss the city of Atlanta at all (well, I miss the people, but that's it), in fact of all the places we’ve lived Atlanta ranks last in my list of favorites.  Ironically, Chattanooga is near the top.  Funny how that works out huh?  We’ve finally seemed to find some kind of a family routine, which is a lot harder when dad’s schedule at work changes every two weeks.  Will has started baseball and LOVES it and Gracy…well…she’s just Gracy, what can I say.  She’s as diva-licious as ever haha.  I have become so crafty that I’ve been invited to an event at Will’s school.  Talk about nervous!  But it’s fun to make money from doing fun stuff for sure.  Even if it is just enough to pay for the habit.

After two months, we’ve finally found a church we think we like.  We’ve met a few people and they all seem nice.  We’re meeting with a new small group this week, hosting it at our house.  You guys know me, I’m nervous as can be right now.  Shew! 10 people I’ve never met and they’re all coming to my house haha! God sure does work in funny ways and I’m convinced he has a sense of humor.  I prayed Sunday he would help us connect with people…Sunday night he said ok and now he is sending them all to my house.  Funny ….very funny.  It’s an odd sort of feeling, not leading the group, but we’re excited for the stage we’re in where we get to be led and learn for a season.  That is, if I can keep from jumping all in like I always do, so I’m asking for God to help me take a season of following and learning.

We all know the theory; you are either heading into problems, in the midst of problems, or heading out of problems.  I’m pretty sure right now we’re somewhere between heading out and heading in.  I love this time in the cycle.  Everything is predictable, we’re happy and content.  Resting happily in the presence of God and each other.  It is easy in this time to sit and reflect on the wonder of God.  The back of our house faces east and has no window coverings, so I see the sun rise almost every day. I see the world awakening to spring (in freaking February lol). I see my children laughing and happy in the arms of their father every night. I am amazed at how easy it is to feel the same way as my children every morning when I am meeting with my heavenly Father every morning as the sun rises.  Laughing, content, learning from his word, and awed by the gift of a life that for today seems perfect beyond measure.  I know the storms will come, I can’t say we’ll be happy when they get here, but I will face them with joy and perseverance, knowing all the while that I am wildly loved and blessed beyond deserving.

Love to you all,

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  1. How is this study going? Praying for you & your craft show today!